Personal note from Tammy- Owner of the Silent Rooster

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Because of each and everyone of you, the Silent Rooster is celebrating 5 years in business. I am so very blessed! I have the best customers walk through my door each and every day, and many of you have become wonderful friends.

The Silent Rooster just literally happened in a matter of a few hours and I still consider it "a work in progress.” Things are always coming, and every day is just a fun adventure!

Thank you to my many wonderful consignors you bring your talent to share and have trust in me. Thank you for that, you are all very special to me.

Thank you to my wonderfully gifted employee, Sandy! You have more creativity than anybody I know. I am extremely lucky to have you here.

Thank you Mom and Dad! Mom, you have put in countless hours stenciling my bags (you guys know the ones), and vacuuming these old wooden floors here.
I never ask, you just always do and give! And my dad, for helping when I have yet another project to build- you can make anything and make it better than anybody!

A big thank you to my two boys! “My little man” Haydn who still keeps me in smiles and laughter, and is always willing to help me out anyway you can. And Holden, "my man,” who continues to help hold down the house while I’m at the store. I have the best two boys a mom could ask for.
Yes I am blessed

Thank you-